Why should you participate?

By taking part in CreaThesis you can express yourself and your science in a creative manner, which is supposed to be an enjoyable and fun activity, and also a rare one in the majority of studies. We hope that you can thereby strengthen your skills in creative work and science communication, which are both little practised but often search-for competences on the job market. Beyond that, we want to give you, a young scientist making contributions toward scientific progress at TUM, the stage you deserve!

Improve your science communication skills

Help to improve scientific exchange

Win Prizes

Generate attention on your research

What do we expect?

In general, as our name implies, your creativity is the limit of how your CreaThesis could look like. You are completely free in choosing which type of communication medium you want to use to create your CreaThesis – be it a picture, a video, a song or something completely different. For some inspiration, you can find an overview of all CreaThesis published thus far on our Gallery section. Additionally, while some degree of quality should be achieved, we certainly do not expect artistic masterpieces. Rather, the main purpose of your CreaThesis is for you to learn something about science communication and present your interesting results to the public.

Overall we need the following things from you:

  • A creative portrayel of your scientific work
  • A short explanatory text for your portrayel
  • An easy to read abstract about your thesis
  • If possible a participation in our pre test post test questionnaire

How to become part of CreaThesis?

Interested in participating? Contact us!
And take part in our survey!

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