Optimization of the weight distribution of VbS modules on the aCar

My CreaThesis is a photoshopped picture of the aCar drifting on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a famous German racetrack. Weight distribution is an important factor in drifting as it prevents the car from tipping over as well as making the drift more controllable. Heavy load in the rear gives you plenty of grip but makes the drift very hard to control as soon as traction is lost while weight on the front axle gives you a lot of grip from steering when holding the drift. But drifting isn’t really a topic for the aCar as a utility car with low power and all wheel drive. For a utility vehicle the goal is to load as much payload as possible in normal driving conditions, in case of the aCar in road conditions from Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire. This Antithesis makes the CreaThesis an eye-catching picture that stops people from scrolling past and creates an interest in the topic of the thesis and the aCar as a project.

Simplified Abstract

My Bachelor Thesis described influencing and limiting factors for the weight distribution of the aCar.

The aCar mobility project is a project of FTM (Institute of Automotive Technology TUM) that develops use cases for a small battery-electric pickup truck (BEV) with focus on mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa. Being battery-powered and therefore able to deliver electric power everywhere gives many new possibilities of usage.

I considered surrounding conditions like maximum slopes and weight of the driver and a possible trailer and the boundaries the manufacturer of the vehicle sets on axle loads etc.

This ended up in a model you can feed with basic vehicle data and the weight and position of objects you want to load to the vehicle. As a result you get exceedances of limit values.

Moreover the thesis examined how additional load influences the BEVs range and considered possibilities to install a mounting rack on the vehicle.

This work feeds into the development of modules like a mobile clinic and many other vehicle-based services (VbS) to be developed based on the aCar as a multi-functional vehicle.

Name:                        Dominik Wernberger