Flight control equations in a simple way

Abstracting a physical existing thing with a large model is used to put the world into equations and enables engineers to try out things without risk or high cost. Abstracting this model again to a smaller size enables to focus on specialthings easily.

Simplified Abstract

The task of the thesis was to investigate the influence of nonlinear coupling effects on the longitudinal flight dynamics of a Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle (VTOL), a special type of drone. During flight tests, my supervisors project group discovered undesired flight behavior of their real existing VTOL, which did not appear in the full scale, multi degree of freedom simulation model. To examine the correlations between the different actuators, my task was to create a simplified model of the longitudinal dynamics of the VTOL, control it with the applied control algorithm and try to find out the connections that cause the undesired flight behavior. The big aim was to implement counter measures to improve the flight behavior and supply it to the project groups model.

Name:                        Nico Michel

Field of study:          Mechanical Engineering/ Aerospace

Supervisor:               Prof. Holzapfel

Chair:                         Institute of Flight System Dynamics

Name:                        Dominik Wernberger

Name:                        Dominik Wernberger